A blenny fish peeks out of a bottle immersed at the bottom of the harbour of La Restinga, El Hierro, Spain. Blenniidae have characteristic faces.

Blenny in a Bottle

Blenny are small fish with characteristic faces with large eyes and mouths, some of them have antlers (cirri). Only a…
Comb jellies (ctenophora) are gelatinous animals able to swim using cilia arranged in rows along their bodies. The complex animals have muscle tissue, and nervous and digestive systems. Most ctenophores are bioluminescent. In addition, there is a rainbow effect at the comb rows caused by the scattering of light. This Leucothea multicornis was photographed in about 5 metres depth at the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca.

Comb Jellies, Beautiful Aliens of the Oceans

Comb jellies, or ctenophora, are marine animals with gelatinous bodies. When they slowly move through the water, the scattering of…
Underwater in a freshwater pond in Switzerland.

Underwater Forest

Underwater plants in a pond look like a forest.
Black and white print on Hahnemuehle Matt FineArt Photo Rag 308 gsm paper: El Sabinar, a phoenicean tree shaped by centuries of trade winds, El Hierro.

Archival Photo Papers for Printing

In times of a flood of digital images it’s soothing to actually hold a photograph that someone considered worth printing.…
Virunga photobook with black and white images from the Virunga mountains in Congo and Rwanda.

Virunga Photobook

Treated myself to a one-off fabric cover, hardback photobook with leporello binding. Book is 28×19 cm with 72 pages and…
The landscape of Switzerland's Engadin valley.

Flat Mountains

Is it frowned upon to flatten the mountains?
The sun sets over a lake in a small valley in Val Poschiavo in Switzerland's canton Graubünden (Grisons).

Postcard from Engadin

A postcard from Engadin in Switzerland’s canton Graubünden (Grisons). I wanted to bivouac but chickened out… The sunset at the…
El Bajon is an underwater mountain near the fishing village of La Restinga in El Hierro. The steep summits rise from a hundred metres depth almost to the ocean surface. The currents support an abundant marine life with large dusky groupers, barracuda, greater amberjacks, and sometimes whale sharks and manta rays.

Diving on the Volcano: El Bajón

El Bajón is an underwater mountain at the southern tip of El Hierro, the island that once was the end…
Black moray eel (Muraena augusti) with large white eyes, El Hierro. Moray eels actively pump water in and out of their open mouths which is often mistaken as threatening. They have excellent sense of smell.

Marine Life in El Hierro (Part 2)

This is the second article about scuba diving and marine life in El Hierro. The waters around La Restinga are…