Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides

One of the few overcast evenings in Harris during a week of persistent sunshine brought dark clouds over the sound of Taransay. Even if there wasn’t much wind, the waves clashing against the rocky west coast produced an impressive bass. The rocky west coast of the Outer Hebrides has always impressed me most: Wind and waves have travelled thousands of kilometres over the North Atlantic when they arrive here.

West coast, Isle of Harris
Dusk at the Sound of Taransay, Isle of Harris

The second photo below is five minutes later than the first one from almost the same point. It shows more rocks and is already darker, taken shortly after sunset.

Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides
Rocky west coast, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides

The Isle of Harris is so diverse: This rocky part of the coast is only a few kilometres south to Luskentyre, a beach with white sand and turquoise water. Further to the South of the coast in the direction of Scarista, rock formations mix with small sandy beaches, some of them measuring only a few metres. Two years ago, it was raining heavily all day, but taking pictures was easier…

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