Under Way is a photography blog about journeys to near and far places. Here are some featured stories to start with.

  • Blue sharks populate the waters around the Azores archipelago. They undertake long transatlantic migrations. Offshore diving with these elegant and curious animals allows to study them at arm’s length.

    A blue shark (Prionace glauca) swims near Faial, Azores.
  • Princess Alice Bank at the Azores is a volcanic seamount on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rising from more than thousand metres to a depth of around 40 metres below the ocean surface. The abundance of marine life, especially manta rays, make it an exquisite, albeit remote and exposed offshore spot for diving. 

    Manta Ray, or Mobula tarapacana, glide through the Atlantic at Princess Alice Bank, Azores. Princess Alice Bank is a volcanic seamount on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rising from more than two thousand metres to a depth of around 40 metres below the ocean surface.
  • Trading with salt from Lac Assal in Djibouti goes back to bartering with Abyssinian caravans by local Afar and Issa tribes. The lake is situated 155 metres below sea level in one of the hottest places on Earth.

    Aras harvests the salt at the shore of Lac Assal in Djibouti, a highly saline lake situated 155 metres below sea level. Depending on the wind, each segment of the shore produces its own shape and size of grains of salt. Aras' family sells the salt to tourists.
  • Cargo bicycles are widely used for the transportation of goods and passengers in Rwanda – the land of thousand hills. For a cyclist, these hills make riding strenuous as there is hardly ever a flat stretch of road. Many riders of Team Rwanda, the cycling team based in Ruhengeri, have started as taxi or cargo bikers.

    Bicycles often mix spare parts of different brands. This chainring incorporates the manufacturer's brand name Phoenix, a large Chinese company exporting bicycles since the 1960s.
  • Nyiragongo is an active volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The crater contains the Earth’s largest lava lake. The hike to the 3’470-meter summit takes five hours with an armed rangers escort.

    Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo contains the Earth's largest lava lake.
  • The jungle of the misty Virunga volcano mountains in central Africa in the border region of Rwanda, the Congo, and Uganda is shaken by crises and wars. These volcanoes are the home of mountain gorillas.

  • Every year, hundreds and thousands of rocky chunks the size of up to a house race into the earth’s atmosphere. These meteor showers are called Perseids.

  • Construction in Spain boomed – until the economy collapsed in 2008. The result of the property bubble bursting are abandoned building sites omnipresent in Spain.

  • In the 19th century, Tusdale valley was so busy it was nicknamed «the capital of Skye». Today, there is no road connecting the valley to the rest of the island. Only sheep graze.

  • When you stroll into town and a surfer in neoprene walks past you carrying his board, don’t wonder. River surfing is very popular in Munich. Surfers from all over the world come to surf the Eisbach wave.

  • Spain has bullfights with toreros whose style and bravery even Ernest Hemingway, Federico García Lorca and Pablo Picasso admired. In the Americas, it’s rodeo and cowboys. Here in Switzerland, we too have some kind of bovine fightings.

  • Nelson is 20 years old and lives in Tafelsig, a township of Cape Town, South Africa.

  • In addition to still photography, I recorded some video footage and audio to create a video for «James House», a NGO in South Africa. James House is a small but most impressive organisation with a highly motivated staff providing community-based child and youth care development programmes.

  • There’s a sailboat standing next to a train line in Switzerland. The 80 year-old builder is living on the boat, which he has built himself over thirty years.

  • Cairo is called the city of thousand mosques. It’s difficult to find a mosque where I am allowed climb the stairs. Finally, I reach the minaret of the 700 years old Blue Mosque.