A Chinese Shop

There is a Chinese shop in Imizamo Yethu, a township in Hout Bay, South Africa. The owners have migrated from China three years ago.Ā The shop is simply called The Chinese Shop by everyone, it is the best in the township and sells almost everything, from clothing to knives to DVD players. The goods are imported from China.

Post-apartheid immigrants from China to South Africa by far outnumber native-born Chinese South AfricansĀ whose ancestors came to South Africa throughout the early 20th century.Ā Only the latterĀ qualify as previously disadvantaged individuals as ColouredsĀ to benefit underĀ under affirmative action programmes.

Shoes for sale in a Chinese shop in Imizano Yethu, Hout Bay, South Africa.

Chinese shop in Imizano Yethu. The owner family has migrated from China three years ago. They import goods from China via Johannesburg.


The chinese shop in Imizano Yethu sells almost everything. It is the most expensive in the settlement.


  1. It’s interesting that the Chinese shop, which is usually the cheapest store in most communities, is the most expensive there. I guess imports (no matter what they are) have a certain appeal. Hope you picked up a pair of those fancy sandals for yourself.

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