Blurred Tracks

That’s it, we’re back. Two weeks on the road. No, not road, but railway tracks to be true. More than 4’500 kilometers (almost 3’000 miles) of travelling by train to the north of Scotland. We’ve smelled peat in the Scottish highlands, had Croissants in Paris on a warm Sunday morning watching party people come home, got into a demonstration in London, and ate lots of Belgian chocolate in Brussels. But more about that later.

When you’re travelling over large distances by train, the view from the window sometimes gets blurry – not only because of the high-speed trains like the French TGV.

Blurred Tracks. By train through Scotland, England, France, and Belgium, October 2011.

I’ve started to capture these blurry views from train windows several years ago. When I got my first iPhone in 2008 to be precise, because in had a built-in camera. The iPhone camera is useful for photos in trains anyway (previous blog posts: Night Train in India, Night Train in Southern Europe).

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