Diptychs, Part I

Combining two photos is the shortest form of a series possible. The two images might be – sometimes only loosely – linked by form or content, and they may combine different localities, perspectives, motives, and timepoints. Ideally, Diptychs create a new meaning of the two photos by either opposing or supporting each other.

Top - Ferris wheel in Marseille, France. Bottom - Bicycles in London, United Kingdom.

Diptychs in ancient Greece were tablets coated with wax on inner faces for recording notes. In the Middle Ages paintings in diptych form were quite popular as small portable works for personal use. Today, people would use their iPad…

Top - A couple admires a statue in the Tuileries in Paris, France. Bottom - A tourist couple looks out near Trafalgar Square in London, United Kingdom.
Top - A woman knits, Hout Bay, South Africa. Bottom - A young woman sews her bra in the Metro in Paris, France.
Top - A boy with a candy in Kayelitsha township in the Cape Flats, South Africa. Bottom - Men buying icecream in Southampton, United Kingdom.

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