Vagueness and Washi Paper

Washi is a translucent Japanese paper. It’s made from the bark of trees, often mulberry and hemp. In the Echizen prefecture such paper is manufactured for 1500 years.

Despite a sprint uphill, I missed the picture I wanted to take by 30 seconds because the rising sun disappeared again behind the clouds. The idea of a picture existed – though only in my mind. Its realized form on film and ultimately on paper however is missing. So there is an idea of a picture – if that isn’t far from reality…!

Prints made on Tesuki Washi paper.

Photos are printed on Ilford Galerie Tesuki Washi Echizen 110 gsm paper. The term Tesuki Washi translates to handmade paper. There’s a strong texture to the paper, and a warm tone. I think the lighter 90 gsm version could also be interesting.

The camera was my Plaubel Makina 67, and the film Ilford Delta 100, developed in Kodak HC-110 1:31 for 6 minutes at 21°C. I quite like the Ilford Delta film for its rich tones.

Panoramic view at sunrise above the fog. Kodak Tri-X film.

For these pictures, I went above the fog at sunrise. There was Angus cattle watching me and adding a Scottish touch to the Swiss scenery. The zone between fog and sunlight is the most interesting in my view: the vagueness of the mist.

The combination of mist and wind creates interesting ice structures at the branches of a tree.

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