BBC Proms

Albert Hall concert hall in South Kensington, London. The hall was built in 1871 and hosts the Proms concerts since 1941.

The BBC Proms are an eight-week series of music concerts in London that go back to the 19th century when promenade concerts for a strolling outdoor audience were popular. In 1895, the aim was to introduce a wider public to classical music. Nowadays, the Proms are mostly known for the Last Night of the Proms…… Continue reading BBC Proms

Night trains and ferries

Amsterdam, city of bicycles.

Our Interrail trip through Europe in fall 2015: Basel, night train to Berlin, reminiscences of the Wall in 1989. Currywurst from a jovial salesgirl and Jazz concert in A-Trane. Overcrowded train to Amsterdam. Jazz Cafe Alto and FOAM photo museum. Short walk in Rotterdam. Overnight ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich. London was jammed and we were late…… Continue reading Night trains and ferries

Photographer Movies

If you’re fascinated by photography, then you might like the following list with photography movies. These are not documentaries, tutorials or movies by photographers, but rather fictional films with photographers as their main characters.

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On the Way to Scotland

Currywurst food booth in Cologne and a pub in London.

These are a few iPhone snaps of our recent journey to the Isle of Skye in Scotland: about 5’000 kilometers by train and ferry via Cologne, Rotterdam, Hoek van Holland, Harwich, London, Inverness, Brussels, and Basle.

Diptychs, Part I

Combining two photos is the shortest form of a series possible. The two images might be – sometimes only loosely – linked by form or content, and they may combine different localities, perspectives, motives, and timepoints. Ideally, Diptychs create a new meaning of the two photos by either opposing or supporting each other. Diptychs in…… Continue reading Diptychs, Part I


Travelling by train through Europe: more than 4’500 kilometers (almost 3’000 miles) of travelling by train to the Outer Hebrides in the north of Scotland.  Coming from Paris, Lille, and Calais, we arrive in London Charing Cross after an endless train ride from Dover with stops at every small station. The English railway stations often have…… Continue reading London

Blurred Tracks

That’s it, we’re back. Two weeks on the road. No, not road, but railway tracks to be true. More than 4’500 kilometers (almost 3’000 miles) of travelling by train to the north of Scotland. We’ve smelled peat in the Scottish highlands, had Croissants in Paris on a warm Sunday morning watching party people come home, got into a…… Continue reading Blurred Tracks