• Night trains and ferries

    Night trains and ferries

    Our Interrail trip through Europe in fall 2015: Basel, night train to Berlin, reminiscences of the Wall in 1989. Currywurst from a jovial salesgirl and Jazz concert in A-Trane. Overcrowded train to Amsterdam. Jazz Cafe Alto and FOAM photo museum. Short walk in Rotterdam. Overnight ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich. London was jammed and we were late […]

  • Goose Steps in East Berlin, 1989

    Goose Steps in East Berlin, 1989

    As we move houses soon, I am constantly tidying up these days. Wrapped in old newspapers, I discovered two old black and white prints made from photos I took in 1989 in East Berlin, only months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was about 17 and dreaming of becoming a photojournalist. My favourite […]

  • On the Way to Scotland

    On the Way to Scotland

    These are a few iPhone snaps of our recent journey to the Isle of Skye in Scotland: about 5’000 kilometers by train and ferry via Cologne, Rotterdam, Hoek van Holland, Harwich, London, Inverness, Brussels, and Basle.

  • City Surfing

    City Surfing

    When you stroll into town and a surfer in neoprene walks past you carrying his board, don’t wonder. River surfing is very popular in Munich. Surfers from all over the world come to surf the Eisbach wave.

  • At the Monks

    At the Monks

    Munich is among Monocle‘s «world’s most livable cities», and I totally agree with that. Not only for monks (the native name MĂĽnchen is derived from old high german «Mönche» – monks), not only for beerdrinkers, but certainly for those…

  • Diptychs, Part II

    Diptychs, Part II

    More diptychs… (also see Diptychs, Part I).

  • Views from Fast Moving Trains

    Views from Fast Moving Trains

    Next week it’s “on the rail again”. So here is a collection of snaps from fast moving trains, mostly taken with the iPhone toy cam.