Night trains and ferries

Amsterdam, city of bicycles.

Our Interrail trip through Europe in fall 2015: Basel, night train to Berlin, reminiscences of the Wall in 1989. Currywurst from a jovial salesgirl and Jazz concert in A-Trane. Overcrowded train to Amsterdam. Jazz Cafe Alto and FOAM photo museum. Short walk in Rotterdam. Overnight ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich. London was jammed and we were late…… Continue reading Night trains and ferries

Goose Steps in East Berlin, 1989

Changing of the guard at the war memorial Neue Wache at Unter den Linden in East Berlin, German Democratic Republic, August 1989.

As we move houses soon, I am constantly tidying up these days. Wrapped in old newspapers, I discovered two old black and white prints made from photos I took in 1989 in East Berlin, only months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was about 17 and dreaming of becoming a photojournalist. My favourite…… Continue reading Goose Steps in East Berlin, 1989

On the Way to Scotland

Currywurst food booth in Cologne and a pub in London.

These are a few iPhone snaps of our recent journey to the Isle of Skye in Scotland: about 5’000 kilometers by train and ferry via Cologne, Rotterdam, Hoek van Holland, Harwich, London, Inverness, Brussels, and Basle.

City Surfing

When you stroll into town and a surfer in neoprene walks past you carrying his board, don’t wonder. River surfing is very popular in Munich. Surfers from all over the world come to surf the Eisbach wave.

At the Monks

Munich is among Monocle’s «world’s most livable cities», and I totally agree with that. Not only for monks (the native name MĂĽnchen is derived from old high german «Mönche» – monks), not only for beerdrinkers, but certainly for those…