Diptychs, Part I

Combining two photos is the shortest form of a series possible. The two images might be – sometimes only loosely – linked by form or content, and they may combine different localities, perspectives, motives, and timepoints. Ideally, Diptychs create a new meaning of the two photos by either opposing or supporting each other. Diptychs in…… Continue reading Diptychs, Part I

At the South Atlantic Coast

South Atlantic sunset near Llandudno, South Africa.

The drive along the coast south of Cape Town is stunningly beautiful. The days after this sunset near Llandudno brought heavy rain.


In June, I portrayed Alizwa, an 18 years old young woman living in Kayelitsha, a township of Cape Town in South Africa. Some days ago, I got notice that Alizwa had died of meningitis on September 6, 2011. She was a joyful and melancholic person at almost the same moment.


Betty and her husband have eight children. They live in a small makeshift shack in Imizano Yethu, a settlement in Hout Bay, South Africa.