landscape photography

  • Wadden Sea

    Wadden Sea

    The play of light and water in the Frisian Wadden Sea.

  • Seastate


    A photo series on shades of blue and green on in the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands.

  • Icy Instant Impression

    Icy Instant Impression

    Polaroid 55 black and white film has a glorious status among photographers because of its delicate tones. It was only produced until 2008. There were projects to manufacture Polaroid 55 film again, but the original film isn’t produced anymore.

  • Vagueness and Washi Paper

    Vagueness and Washi Paper

    Washi is a translucent Japanese paper. It’s made from the bark of trees, often mulberry and hemp. In the Echizen prefecture such paper is manufactured for 1500 years.

  • The First Snow and Magic Colours in BW Film

    The First Snow and Magic Colours in BW Film

    I recently used the nightscape camera mode of my smartphone to scan roll film. Then something unexpected happened. There were colours in the black and white film!

  • Fog Lines and Other Limits

    Fog Lines and Other Limits

    Fog covering the lowlands creates two worlds. One is above, the other below the fog line.

  • A Film Tear

    A Film Tear

    Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

  • Panoramic Mist

    Panoramic Mist

    November is a month when the landscape of the Jura mountains lays in mist – sometimes for days and weeks. It can come as thick fog making orientation in the mountains difficult, or as a light mist obscuring trees. The Horizon S3 U-500 is a panoramic film camera going back to a Russian model developed […]

  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves

    My annual dose of colour photographs in autumn from the Jura mountain in the backyard. All taken with the OnePlus 6 phone camera and processed in Snapseed.