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  • Four Exposures for One Bicycle Race

    Four Exposures for One Bicycle Race

    Photographing the Swiss Time Trial Championship with a large format camera has been on my mind for a long time. Large format sport photography opposes the slowness of a 4×5″ camera to the speed of the athletes. Opposites attract. I used two kind of films: Kodak Tri-X 320 4×5″ in wooden film holders, and Polaroid […]

  • Lower League Football

    Lower League Football

    Here’s more lower league football. The light was nice, the play solid. The local team won 2:0. I was experimenting with blur again to keep my series going. This one is one of my favourites, so far. And then, there’s the usual football photography. I managed to catch one goal (although crudely), the other one […]

  • Lower League Football

    Lower League Football

    What a mess! Some more blurry pics from yesterday’s football game.

  • Bernina Mountain Pass

    Bernina Mountain Pass

    Bernina mountain pass connects the Engadin valley with Italy.

  • Lower League Football

    Lower League Football

    Things are looking up, the local football team has not only won 4:0, but also done so in a solid way. The first goal was scored with a freekick in the first half. After the break, the guest team came a cropper and there were three more goals. The strikers of the home team made […]

  • Lower League Football

    Lower League Football

    Another lower league football game, some more opportunity to play with long exposures… ¼ of a second of football as last week. Notice the light streaks produced by the sun reflection on the ball. But then of course photographing football is not all play, but also some action shots frozen at the usual millisecond. Some […]

  • Cargo bikes in Rwanda

    Cargo bikes in Rwanda

    Cargo bicycles are widely used for the transportation of goods and passengers in Rwanda – the land of thousand hills. For a cyclist, these hills make riding strenuous as there is hardly ever a flat stretch of road. Many riders of Team Rwanda, the cycling team based in Ruhengeri, have started as taxi or cargo bikers.

  • Susten – Furka – Grimsel Mountain Pass Loop

    Susten – Furka – Grimsel Mountain Pass Loop

    The lap over the three mountain passes Susten, Furka, and Grimsel is a classic cycling route in Switzerland. With 120 km and 3’400 m elevation gain, it’s the shortest variant of the Alpenbrevet, a road race marathon that offers five passes and 276 km in its longest route. The route encircles a glacier area representing the watershed […]

  • Cycling in Emmental

    Cycling in Emmental

    The Emmental with its thousand rolling hills and small roads is a paradise for cycling. Emmental has the iconic Swiss postcard scenery. And in addition (although they are not in Emmental), here are some mountain passes from my ongoing series in black and white.